Hi I'm Casi,

An intimate wedding and elopement photographer.

I love what I do and whole heartedly love my connection to all of my couples. I love the candid moments the most as those are the ones that are real and raw. I can capture traditional poses, but prefer the more intimate feeling between people. 

What really fills my heart about this work is that after the wedding day, couples soon forget the tiny moments and details, but when I send the photos to them, all of my couples say they can’t believe I was there capturing all of that little stuff. They love the moments captured when their crazy uncle gets on the dance floor and they had no idea, or when grandma was giving the baby a kiss. Those are moments that I know mean so much and it truly fulfills me to be able to capture that for someone. 

When you reflect back on your life, you will cherish memories more than anything else. I get that. I can see those moments for you and capture them. 






Am I licensed and insured? 

 YES! I would hope that any photographer you choose is! 


Do I bring backup equipment?

  Yes! Technology sometimes just dies for no reason and I make sure that I always have backups of everything. 


Do I provide everything to you including digital files and prints? 

  Yes! I am all inclusive, meaning you paid for the photos so you get all rights, you get prints with your package and a gallery to share with friends and family. They’re special moments and I want you to have them and display them wherever your heart desires!


How long does it take to get my photos back? 

   During peak season, typically six weeks, but during non-peak times, it is usually four weeks. 


Do I edit all of the photos? 

   Yep! I am a Lightroom and Photoshop whiz at this point. I want every photo to be perfect so I don’t outsource someone else to do that. Not saying its bad, but I think I have OCD with my need to control the outcome of the photos. 


What gear do you shoot with? 

   I used to shoot Nikon but now I am forever a Canon girl! 

Canon 5d miii

50 mm 1.4 lens

45 mm 2.0 tilt shift lens

35 mm 1.8 lens

85 mm 1.8 lens

70 - 200 mm lens

Off Camera Flash

A little gallery of my life to share with you...