First Styled Shoot of 2018

I am so excited to have been a part of a styled shoot.

When you're a part of one, you get to say what you want it to look like, which is so fun. It is like re-living my wedding all over again. ;)

Not only can we make every little detail what we want, but we can take as much time as necessary to get the right shot. 

So... what is a styled shoot and why is this important? 

A styled shoot is where you collaborate with a makeup artist, model, photographer, florist, calligrapher, and even a wedding venue to create some amazing photos to showcase your best work to your clients. It is like a demo to show them what you can do. 

The reason why I believe this is important to do some styled shoots is that it allows you to become a better photographer, or florist, or whatever you are! I found myself drawn to doing this because I want to be a better photographer today than I was yesterday, so it is important for me to constantly be shooting and developing my style in my down time. I want my clients to get portraits that blow them away every single time they look at them. 

I had a blast taking these moody photos and am so looking forward to taking more this July! Stay tuned for those! 

xo - Casi