First Styled Shoot of 2018

I am so excited to have been a part of a styled shoot.

When you're a part of one, you get to say what you want it to look like, which is so fun. It is like re-living my wedding all over again. ;)

Not only can we make every little detail what we want, but we can take as much time as necessary to get the right shot. 

So... what is a styled shoot and why is this important? 

A styled shoot is where you collaborate with a makeup artist, model, photographer, florist, calligrapher, and even a wedding venue to create some amazing photos to showcase your best work to your clients. It is like a demo to show them what you can do. 

The reason why I believe this is important to do some styled shoots is that it allows you to become a better photographer, or florist, or whatever you are! I found myself drawn to doing this because I want to be a better photographer today than I was yesterday, so it is important for me to constantly be shooting and developing my style in my down time. I want my clients to get portraits that blow them away every single time they look at them. 

I had a blast taking these moody photos and am so looking forward to taking more this July! Stay tuned for those! 

xo - Casi

Kristen & Carlos | Wedding in Vancouver | Fort Stevens


I absolutely was giddy when Kristen asked me to do her wedding because we had gone to school together at Oregon State. She is such a generous soul and it was so great for me to have the opportunity to do this for her! 

Her husband, Carlos, is in the military and him and his groomsmen wore their uniforms. I loved how special it made this wedding and how unique it felt. 

Kristen honored the memory of her cousin by having a photo of her on the bannister during the ceremony. One of the reasons I am so drawn to weddings is because of the pure unfiltered love especially in small details like this. I also have, on occasion, needed a handkerchief. ;)

Kristen and Carlos truly represent sacrifice and they do this for one another. I so appreciated being there to see how they care for each other. 

Wedding at McMenamins with the Shanks

I loved so much being a fly on the wall at this wedding. Not only was the bride constantly cracking up and glowing, but the family was so lively and never left the dance floor. It was just. so much. fun. 

Her dad kept telling me that I needed a beer, there were Alpacas, and the twinkle lights sparkled so perfectly for all of my photos! 

I definitely recommend the Cornelius House in Hillsboro for anyone getting married. Not only does it have the best little barn for your reception, but people can walk to any little shed on the property to get a drink, warm up, or take a selfie. It is just so Oregon. 

What is your favorite venue in Oregon? 

- Casi


I especially loved the father of the bride who insisted that I was working too hard and needed to take a "drink" break. Huge smile on my face as I write this. 


The most interesting thing about this is that someone I knew from my freshman year of college referred me as her (future) sister in laws photographer. It was just so great to catch up. 

These are just some of the reasons that I add to my ongoing list of reasons why this is the best job. <3

- Casi